RFT 020: Interview With TOPGUN Instructor Steve Harden

March 20, 2016

Steve Harden was a Navy pilot with over 300 carrier traps (landings), and an instructor at the vaunted TOPGUN Fighter Weapons School. In fact, the movie TOP GUN was filmed at Miramar when he was stationed there.

After his Navy service, he became an airline pilot with FEDEX. Using talents developed in the Navy, Steve created the industry-leading FEDEX Crew Resource Management (CRM) course. The course received acclaim throughout the industry.

The course soon attracted the attention of a local hospital, and Steve was approached to provide CRM training for their medical staff. With FEDEX’s permission, Steve launched a new business, LifeWings, to provide CRM training for medical professionals. He has since trained thousands of doctors, nurses and medical administrators.

For more information, visit the LifeWings website.

Twitter: @SaferPatients