RFT 030: Airline Pilot/Author Barry Schiff

May 29, 2016

Barry Schiff started flying at age 14, became a pilot with TWA, and in the intervening years has amassed flying experience in 355 aircraft types. As an author, Barry has written over 1700 articles, and has a regular monthly column in AOPA Pilot magazine.

In 1995 Barry orchestrated the first general aviation flight between Israel and Jordan. He obtained permission from Jordan’s King Hussain and Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin for 31 general aviation aircraft, carrying 135 Americans, Israelis and Jordanians to make this historic trip, and personally met with King Hussain upon landing. You can watch the details here:

Barry’s website is www.barryschiff.com.

Twitter: @Barry_Schiff

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