RFT 046: Airline Pilot Guy Host Captain Nick

September 19, 2016

Nick Anderson, perhaps better known as the Old.Pilot is the oldest of the Airline Pilot Guy Podcast crew and not too far from retirement after a flying career that started in the ‘60s.  Brought up in England and from an aviation family, he began flying in the wood and canvas, open cockpit gliders of the Air Training Corps. He started his professional career in the military, the Royal Air Force. He completed jet training on the Jet Provost, Folland Gnat and the Hawker Hunter before getting into the awesome McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom, eventually becoming a Qualified Weapons Instructor. His military career moved around a bit and he spent a while as a fast jet QFI on the BAe Hawk before taking up a post with the Royal Australian Air Force on the F18 Hornet. Back with the RAF he completed his time on the BAe Tornado F3.

Captain Nick is now an international Captain on the A-340 with a UK airline referred to as “Acme Red”. Hi is also an accomplished photographer.

He can be reached through Twitter @apgcrew and @old.plot or through the podcast website www.airlinepilotguy.com.

His photography site is http://www.nickandersonphoto.co.uk/.