RFT 053: Aviation Historian/Artist John Mollison

November 7, 2016


John Mollison is a pilot, historian, film-maker, aviation artist. and award-winning speaker. His passion is telling the stories of famous pilots in his art and films, and including the pilots in his projects.
All of his paintings are signed by the actual pilots themselves, including a painting signed by two Vietnam War opponents, pilots Hong My and John Stiles.

historylessonTo complete the story of their aerial engagement, John traveled to Hanoi with John Stiles to introduce him to his former adversary.

John hosts a blog Old Guys And Their Planes where you can view his films, and his art work appears in every state and 13 countries. His artist/historian website is http://www.johnmollison.com/.



OGTA #9 The Gentleman Next Door – The John Wilkinson Story from John Mollison on Vimeo.