RFT 065: French Aerobatic Pilot/Airbus Engineer Christophe Simon

January 30, 2017


Christophe Simon wanted to fly from an earlier age, ever since seeing Top Gun, but his initial efforts were nipped in the bud when he could not pass the French medical exam because he had bad eyes. He was so in love with aviation that he purchased a flight on the Concorde for his 20th birthday. Since being a pilot was (he thought) impossible, he attended a university to become qualified for non-flying aviation employment.

After graduation, he discovered he couldn’t find employment because he had not attended a prestige (Ivy League) university. He relocated to England and quickly found meaningful employment in his chosen career. After 7 years, he was hired by Airbus Industrie back in France!

During a trip to Canada, he discovered that vision correcting glasses was not a problem for obtaining a medical certificate to fly, so he began his flying career. He is now a rated pilot, specializing in aerobatics.

He also flies paragliders, with a total of over 900 hours paragliding.

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