RFT 097: Mirage Pilot/Author Commandant Marc Sheffler

June 26, 2017

Marc Sheffler wanted to fly ever since he was a child. He started flying at age 17, and after attending L’ecole de L’air (the French Air Force Academy) he attended pilot training in the French Air Force in 1997. Excelling in flight training, he became a fighter pilot, flying the Alphajet.

Following that, he transitioned to the Mirage 2000. He currently has 2,200 hours in the Mirage in the air-to-ground mission, employing weapons ranging from “dumb bombs” to terminal guided munitions. He has flown five combat tours of duty in Afghanistan in the troop support mission and two combat tours over Libya.

Marc is also an author, and has written two novels, currently available only in French.


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